AdMaiora Showcase: Yaya, Rini Shkembi, Gezim Vrioni @Ausonia Beach Club // 01.09.2016


AdMaiora is an Italian independent record label founded by Gezim Vrioni and Rini Shkembi in 2015. AdMaiora is the unstoppable research of interior journey to express their precise idea of Music, creating a new concept between old school and new school. So AdMaiora is born, taking his name from the famous Latin dictum, which means “to bigger things”, now it denotes the exclusive quality research of this project. Since the very beginning AdMaiora had the honour to see in his roster some of the biggest names in the worldwide scene, with the likes of superstar djs such as Pirupa, wAFF, Nikola Gala, Arado, Hector, Santos, Yaya, Macromism, Marco Effe, Lewis Boardman, Re.You, Simon Baker and many more. Our family is expanding day by day and it’s always seeking for new artists to join AdMaiora’s project. Following his ideal of quality, and combining it with professionalism and charisma, everything his involeved to enrich electronic music’s panorama, spreading his own vision of Art.

AdMaiora & Helpiscoming present:

w/ Yaya (Desolat | AdMaiora)


w/ Gezim Vrioni (Snatch | AdMaiora)


▷ Admission: 10 €
▷ Donne Omaggio entro 00:30
▷ Info: 3479620083


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