AdMaiora is an Italian independent record label founded by Gezim Vrioni and Rini Shkembi in 2015 to share and express their deep love for Music.

Our imprint has the purpose to release finest and researched house and techno with the aim to explore the whole underground universe looking for tech-house strong grooves and dub-minimal gems, releasing music from both new talents and established artists.

The AdMaiora adventure began last year in Trieste with an outstanding debut showcase, which gave to the label owner the chance to prove their artistic talent. Rini and Gezim showed their good attitude in the dj booth.

On October 2015 we also had a big collaboration with Pirupa’s “NONSTOP” newborn label alongside their whole crew for another successful event.

Since the very beginning AdMaiora had the honour to see in his roster some of the biggest names in the worldwide scene, with the likes of superstar djs such as Pirupa, wAFF, Aldo Cadiz, Nikola Gala, Arado, Kuo Climax, Ninho, Simon Baker, Santos, CLIO, Hector, Yaya, Macromism and many more. We also take care about young and upcoming promises, giving them the attention they deserve with single releases and various artist catalogues.

AdMaiora truly believes in the perfect balance between old school and new school: for this reason, in addition to the digital format, there will be some vinyl releases too. Our family is expanding day by day and it’s always seeking for new artists to join AdMaiora’s project.

AdMaiora, 2018.


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