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AdMaiora next release sees Italy rising the fist in the sky with Italian young duo Macromism alongside fellow-Italian house maestro Santos. Hailing from Padova in the North of Italy, Macromism [100% Pure/Octopus/Tronic/Moan] is the alias behind Mattia Saviolo and Eugenio Zamperi famous project. They provide us 3 original gems included in their latest “For loving EP”. On the remix side we have Santos who had a killer 2015 with releases on the biggest label in the scene such as Jamie Jones & Lee Foss’ “Hot Creation”, Squillace’s “This and That Lab” and long-time friend Riva Starr’s own “Snatch!”. Kickin’ off with the main “For Loving” which gives the name to the whole EP, the track evolves from a classic techno-house jam into a new melodic space, with etereal melancholic synths and warm beats. The EP continues with “Out Of Body”, a total 909 stomper with aggressive kicks, sharp hi-hats and a big sense for groove. This track perfectly shows Macromism ability on making club bangers using olnly the most essential elements. It’s the perfect track for both intimate situations and big clubs, with a majestic woman-vocal which will make every crowd going nuts. “Trap Hole” is another 909 minimalish and dub track with a skillful ability on combining hats and shakers to create an endless groove. As the track goes on the dubby and rolling bass sees the rise of classic house pads and atmospheres which made of this track a perfect one for late night hours. The EP ends with Santos’ own vision of “Trap Hole” adding another lethal dose of infectious groovy hats and a killer wobbling bassline taking the track into a club rocker.

remix by: Santos

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