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AdMaiora marks the 10th release with an EP that involves one of the hottest dj and producer of the last couple of years. Having releases on top labels such as ‘Desolat’, ‘Moon Harbour’ and ‘Cadenza’ to name a few, Liverpool based Lewis Boardman debuts with his latest ‘Face The Music ‘ EP on AdMaiora. Entiled main track EP ‘Face The Music’ is a typical Boardman’s anthem: stomping and doubled kick for a total crescendo atmosphere, with a female looped vocal slowly coming front from the back. The stripped down techno groove, with hi-hats and shakers only, does the rest, accepting the unpleasant consequences of this banger tune. Berlin superstar (Mobilee) goes deeper and slower in his version, grabbing the essential elements from the original into a more trippy dimension, characterized by a sinister synths which remains present for the whole track. The delayed-vocal climax detonates into a kick and sub-bass bass explosion, with an infectious groove that is guaranteed to shake the crowd in the late hours of the night. The EP continues with ‘No Reason Why’ a 4/4 club roller with a seams of percussive elements, melodies and vocals which perfectly work together into a fresh Balearic groove, a perfect transition from opening times into hotter situations. On the remix duty we have for the second time the label-boss himself Gezim Vrioni (Snatch, D-Floor) who focuses his attention on the groove, leaving out the vocal and everything superfluous. His remix is solid and catchy with sharp hi hats, energetic snare drums and pulsating drum fills. The EP concludes on the final ‘There For You’ which brings forward darker bass patterns, 909 nasty groove and an excellent high-disco sounding stab, creating another perfect club weapon. Buy on Beatport

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