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Up next on the AdMaiora catalogue is an exclusive Italian project. Two young djs, producers and long time friends Nicola Calbi and Luky got together for ‘Miami Force 89’. With releases on some of the most prestigious tech-house imprints, including ‘Wow! Recordings’ and ‘Sanity’, the fellow Italians unleash another powerful EP. First entitled main ‘Miami Force 89’ is clearly immersed in the atmospheres of the late 80’s. Unceasing female vocal loop meets tasty groove, hi-octave vibrato lead and a mighty kick and bass combination, making you feel like you’re driving a supercar in the sunny East Coast. The second original called ‘Machine Gun’ is a total gunpowder track, with a super-fat kick drum, aggressive vocal samples and rampant synths. Nicola and Luky go harder than ever, delivering a great tech-house stomper. On the remix duty we warmly welcome Berlin hero Philip Bader and Italian duo Alfa Romero. The guys from Alfa Romero have already worked with Italian veteran Davide Squillace, and got remixed by Robert Dietz, Betoko and Snilloc. In their version of ‘Miami Force 89’ they go deeper and deeper, concentrating their idea in a long break which is characterized by touching brass, melodic pads and cinematic atmospheres. Philip Bader closes the thing with the final track of the B side. He’s been around for the last 10 years with appearances in almost the biggest labels such as ‘Suara’, ‘This and That’, ‘Snatch!’ and ‘Moon Harbour’ to name a few. His remix for ‘Machine Gun’ is pure killer material as he definitely adds fire on this one: since the beginning of the track, the heavy kicks and the harsh usage of the vocal parts turn the original into a military gear assault weapon. The gloomy groove and the grumpy synth-line do the rest, revealing once again the real raw nature of the track.

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