Nicola Calbi meets Luky – Miami Force 89

Up next on the AdMaiora catalogue is an exclusive Italian project.
Two young djs, producers and long time friends Nicola Calbi and Luky got together for ‘Miami Force 89’. With releases on some of the most prestigious tech-house imprints, including ‘Wow! Recordings’ and ‘Sanity’, the fellow Italians unleash another powerful EP.
First entitled main ‘Miami Force 89’ is clearly immersed in the atmospheres of the late 80’s. Unceasing female vocal loop meets tasty groove, hi-octave vibrato lead and a mighty kick and bass combination, making you feel like you’re driving a supercar in the sunny East Coast.
The second original called ‘Machine Gun’ is a total gunpowder track, with a super-fat kick drum, aggressive vocal samples and rampant synths. Nicola and Luky go harder than ever, delivering a great tech-house stomper.
On the remix duty we warmly welcome Berlin hero Philip Bader and Italian duo Alfa Romero.
The guys from Alfa Romero have already worked with Italian veteran Davide Squillace, and got remixed by Robert Dietz, Betoko and Snilloc. In their version of ‘Miami Force 89’ they go deeper and deeper, concentrating their idea in a long break which is characterized by touching brass, melodic pads and cinematic atmospheres.
Philip Bader closes the thing with the final track of the B side. He’s been around for the last 10 years with appearances in almost the biggest labels such as ‘Suara’, ‘This and That’, ‘Snatch!’ and ‘Moon Harbour’ to name a few. His remix for ‘Machine Gun’ is pure killer material as he definitely adds fire on this one: since the beginning of the track, the heavy kicks and the harsh usage of the vocal parts turn the original into a military gear assault weapon. The gloomy groove and the grumpy synth-line do the rest, revealing once again the real raw nature of the track.

Yaya – Kayama EP

Time has come for a new AdMaiora release, and this time comes from the hands of Italian Yaya, who marks his debut with the astonishing ‘Kayama EP’. Hailing from Turin, Yaya is surely not a newcomer into the global house and techno scene, with appearances from Desolat to Etruria Beat and Kina Music.

He has totally earned his stripes as a reputable DJ and producer over the past few years, having also his own party in Turin called ‘Savana Potente’.

In his productions he melt together all the sounds from his multicultural background, collaborating with various Italian producers and being remixed by Tini and Gel Abril to name a few, making bombs after bombs and his latest two tracker ‘Kayama’ is no exception.

Kicking off with the entitled track EP, serious cavernous bass meets 909 solid groove structure, whilst several females pitched and delayed vocals perfectly work together for an endless hypnotic dimension.

‘Come To Me’ is the perfect example of Yaya’s versatility in the studio as he moves for the second original into a more melodic and trippy space where wisely selected silken pads lap upon the senses. As the track moves on, a gentle acid line joins the toughened up drums and the unpredictable b-line elevate this monster to a whole new standard.

On the flipside we have a remix from one of the men of the moment.

He needs no introduction as 2015 was his biggest year so far.

With releases from Jamie Jones’ ‘Hot Creation’ to Adam Beyer’s ‘Drumcode’, British long haired wAFF showed to everyone how to turn a track into a warehouse destroyer.

Stomping and heavy kicks, rolling drums and a DC-10’s inspired lead are the main elements of his version of ‘Kayama’.

The bouncy groove and well-chosen vocal chops definitely make of this track the next dancefloor anthem.


LEWIS BOARDMAN, face the music

AdMaiora marks the 10th release with an EP that involves one of the hottest dj and producer of the last couple of years. Having releases on top labels such as ‘Desolat’, ‘Moon Harbour’ and ‘Cadenza’ to name a few, Liverpool based Lewis Boardman debuts with his latest ‘Face The Music ‘ EP on AdMaiora.
Entiled main track EP ‘Face The Music’ is a typical Boardman’s anthem: stomping and doubled kick for a total crescendo atmosphere, with a female looped vocal slowly coming front from the back. The stripped down techno groove, with hi-hats and shakers only, does the rest, accepting the unpleasant consequences of this banger tune.
Berlin superstar (Mobilee) goes deeper and slower in his version, grabbing the essential elements from the original into a more trippy dimension, characterized by a sinister synths which remains present for the whole track. The delayed-vocal climax detonates into a kick and sub-bass bass explosion, with an infectious groove that is guaranteed to shake the crowd in the late hours of the night.
The EP continues with ‘No Reason Why’ a 4/4 club roller with a seams of percussive elements, melodies and vocals which perfectly work together into a fresh Balearic groove, a perfect transition from opening times into hotter situations. On the remix duty we have for the second time the label-boss himself Gezim Vrioni (Snatch, D-Floor) who focuses his attention on the groove, leaving out the vocal and everything superfluous. His remix is solid and catchy with sharp hi hats, energetic snare drums and pulsating drum fills.
The EP concludes on the final ‘There For You’ which brings forward darker bass patterns, 909 nasty groove and an excellent high-disco sounding stab, creating another perfect club weapon.

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ARADO, even if you have

AdMaiora is proud to announce another release. No one other than Arado makes his debut on our label with ‘Even If U Have’ EP.
Hailing from Düsseldorf, Arado made his strong entrance in the music scene back in 2010 with ‘Uganda Express’ (with Den Ishu): since than he’s been Loco Dice’s protégé for a long time, with several appareances on Desolat, Area Remote and Snatch! to name a few. He also had some very successful collaborations with Italian Marco Faraone, which were released on Moon Harbour and Etruria beat too.
Arado debuts on AdMaiora with a three-tracker EP entitled ‘Even If You Have’. The main track is a strong and aggressive rolling techno jam, where stomping kicks meet rough grooves. Constantly moving and evolving, he goes a bit away from his typical dub-melodic signature, showing his darker side.
On the remix duty we have the honor to see Vatos Locos’ man himself Hector. Fresh of the foundation of his own ‘VL Recordings’ and after a super-party season which culminated at the ‘BPM FESTIVAL 2016’, he rocks with his personal vision of the original. In his version of ‘Even If You Have’ we can find his unmistakable sense for deep tech grooves with a fat and dry old school hi-hat, giving his personal ‘club alert’ twist.
On the B side we have two more originals: ‘Takin My Time To Perfect The Beat (YO)’ kicks off the things with an housy hi-string on the intro and while the groove starts taking control of the track, some dubbin’ and delayed big stabs creates a perfect ambiance for opening sets or afterhours.
‘Lead In’ is another dancefloor must have, where mainroom percussions and full-bodied bassline perfectly match together, giving life to another club smasher.

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MACROMISM, for loving

AdMaiora next release sees Italy rising the fist in the sky with Italian young duo Macromism alongside fellow-Italian house maestro Santos. Hailing from Padova in the North of Italy, Macromism [100% Pure/Octopus/Tronic/Moan] is the alias behind Mattia Saviolo and Eugenio Zamperi famous project. They provide us 3 original gems included in their latest “For loving EP”. On the remix side we have Santos who had a killer 2015 with releases on the biggest label in the scene such as Jamie Jones & Lee Foss’ “Hot Creation”, Squillace’s “This and That Lab” and long-time friend Riva Starr’s own “Snatch!”.

Kickin’ off with the main “For Loving” which gives the name to the whole EP, the track evolves from a classic techno-house jam into a new melodic space, with etereal melancholic synths and warm beats.

The EP continues with “Out Of Body”, a total 909 stomper with aggressive kicks, sharp hi-hats and a big sense for groove. This track perfectly shows Macromism ability on making club bangers using olnly the most essential elements. It’s the perfect track for both intimate situations and big clubs, with a majestic woman-vocal which will make every crowd going nuts.

“Trap Hole” is another 909 minimalish and dub track with a skillful ability on combining hats and shakers to create an endless groove. As the track goes on the dubby and rolling bass sees the rise of classic house pads and atmospheres which made of this track a perfect one for late night hours.

The EP ends with Santos’ own vision of “Trap Hole” adding another lethal dose of infectious groovy hats and a killer wobbling bassline taking the track into a club rocker.

remix by: Santos

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After our first, just released and successfull various artists, it’s already time for a new episode.

AdMaiora is proud to present the second compilation that includes many different arstists proposing each one their class in the art of music.

Rhythm, groove and Energy are the words that defining our great composer’s work.

Each one is an intense track that will rule every single dancefloor.

Here for you original works from: Emiliano Papetti :: Fabio Broox & Violahaiti :: Réclame :: Italo! & Inga :: Peppe Markese & Profano.

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A Various Artists compilation is always a great challenge for a label.

Proposing differents tracks from different artists having each one his own background, and respecting which the purposes of tha label are, is not that easy.

We worked hard to find something could give a sound rapresentation of what we believe in.

So please take a listen to these amazing performances of our composers:

Gaetano C (Serkal, Sanity, Deperfect), Giuseppe Cennamo (Desolat, Sci+Tec, 8Bit), Mario Da Ragnio (Inmotion, Moan, Upon You), Marcelo Cura (D-Floor, Catwash, Trapez), Ninho (Nonstop, Material, Snatch!), Emiliano Papetti (AdMaiora).

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CLIO, don’t tell

CLIO is onboard the AdMaiora Music imprint, this time with his elegant style and solid bassline.

Groovy, baselines and sonic madness, perfect additions to the AdMaiora catalogue and proving each of the artists involved know exactly what works on the dance floor.

Clio’s music can be found on highly respected labels such as Drumcode, Truesoul, Snatch! Records.

This is a killer tree track release not to be missed!

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NIKOLA GALA, exciter

AdMaiora is proud to represent a great artist – Nikola Gala – with his own EP called ”EXCITER” ! This EP includes remixes from Simon Baker’s new project called ”BRK Projekt” and the talented French Timid Boy directly from his ”Time Has Changed Records”.

remixes by: Simon Baker

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MIKE TEKNII, subzero

Is time to say welcome to: “Mike Teknii” the young italian producer from Trieste on board of AdMaiora. Mike is come with his EP called “Subzero” 2 deep/techno track’s and the official remix from one of the best talented producer around the scene “Reelow”.

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